Audi A4

since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

A4 Audi
+ Running gear
+ Regular servicing
- Engines
   Capacity steps
   Engine signs
   Technology of the engine, maintenance and repair
   Greasing system
   Exhaust ventilation of a case
   Visual control of the engine
   Engine service life
   Nominal and maximum frequency of turns
   Restriction of number of turns
   Measurement of pressure of compression
   The help at malfunctions
   Works on a gear belt
   The help at malfunction
   Installation and dismantle of a head of the block of cylinders
   Installation and engine dismantle
+ Turbo-supercharging
+ exhaust System
+ cooling System
+ Fuel tank and fuel pump
+ Air filter and absorption channels
+ injection System
+ Coupling
+ Transmission and main transfer
+ Suspension bracket of wheels and steering
+ Brakes
+ Wheels and tires
+ Electrotechnical equipment
+ ignition System
+ Lighting
+ Alarm equipment
+ Tools and devices
+ Heating and ventilation
+ body Details
+ Salon
Search of malfunctions
Technical characteristics

Engine signs

In a pyatiklapanny head of the block of cylinders of the engine with working volume of 1,8 l a chain wheel (4) final cam-shafts transfer the frequency of rotation of a dvukhryadny chain (2) on a chain wheel (4) inlet cam-shafts. For noise elimination from work of chains the hydraulic natyazhitel of chains (3) serves.

Type of a pyatiklapanny head of the block of cylinders from below: in the photo it is shown, what big cross-section section of a stream can create, opening, final (1) and inlet (2) valves.

Four-cylinder engine

The beginning of our four-cylinder engine is necessary in 1972 when Audi put a basis of present position in the market, having presented the new Audi 80 model. Professionals then admired not only a body and a running gear, but also the new engine. Its major constructive signs: the four-cylinder engine with the cam-shaft located from above, valves are put in action by tarelochny pushers. At the oil pump and the distributor a drive from an intermediate shaft. The drive of a cam-shaft and an intermediate shaft is carried out by means of a gear belt.

From the former engine remained a little, but nevertheless the main lines of the krivoshipny mechanism remained former. Specially for application in Audi A4 basic changes are made to a head of the block of cylinders: the engine with working volume of 1,6 l for improvement of gas exchange received a so-called head with a cross-section stream of gases. Fresh gases arrive on the left side of the engine, and fulfilled are issued on the right side. In addition new engine in 1,6 l received very long inlet pipelines for ensuring the maximum traction effort (the maximum torque) in the bottom range of turns.

The similar purpose was pursued in a design of pyatiklapanny heads. Here at the expense of bigger section of a stream which five valves allow to receive, gas exchange in a wide range of turns of the engine also improves.

The turbo-supercharging in 1,8 T creates a powerful torque on the lowest turns. The capacity which usually is expected only for much higher classes of working volumes is created.

As a whole all four-cylinder engines create conditions for a weakening trip, the palette of capacity is extremely convincing on all range of turns. Thus fuel consumption remains at pleasantly low level at the expense of small working volume.

Six-cylinder engine

The new six-cylinder engine developed in 1991 for representation of the last generation of Audi 100, represents very compact power plant and as if it is created for typical installation in the Audi models lengthways before a forward axis. Two cam-shafts located from above with drives from gear belts operate valves by means of tarelochny pushers. In space between heads of cylinders the inlet collector takes place. The version with engine capacity of 2,8 l is supplied with a being switched inlet collector which changes active length of inlet channels depending on a range of turns of the engine. Thus, the optimum torque of the engine in all ranges of turns is reached.

For Audi A4 the six-cylinder engine was supplied with new system of circulation of oil and a new, three-section case. The system of circulation of oil is designed in such a manner that pressure of oil is regulated after the oil filter and an oil radiator.

Thanks to it in places of greasing that pressure which creates the adjusting valve is created.